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EGG-CITING Easter Hunt Party Ideas

The most beloved of easter activities - the Easter egg hunt - is a fantastic way to bring all ages together for some fun. Try these creative ideas to add to the excitement of the hunt! 


A welcome sign is a great way to greet your guests and build the excitement for your event. You can display a traditional rectangular welcome sign on an easel, or try your hand at large egg or bunny shape cut outs. Get the kids to help you decorate your sign, or use one of our ready made Easter signs. You can also use it to mark the start of your egg hunt by writing “Egg Hunt Starts here".
Easter garlands, matching balloons and fairy lights are all nice touches to help decorate your venue or garden.
To add to the festivities you could give your guests Easter bunny ears as they enter the party or at the start of the easter egg hunt. To even the playing field of your hunt (and to add some comedy) stipulate that the older kids and adults are only allowed to bounce like a bunny when they compete!


When creating your easter hunt, make sure to keep track of the number of items you hide so you will know when they have all been found! Try to vary the level of difficulty of the hiding places to keep it interesting for all players. If you have a range of ages at your party you may wish to colour code your eggs so that certain colours are reserved for only for the little ones to find. 


If you have a lot of items to find it is a good idea to provide baskets for your participants. A fun idea is to set up a craft stations and have participants make their own baskets prior to the hunt. Check out this easy basket making tutorial – or just buy some cheap paper or plastic baskets. You might like to mark out an Easter hunt trail especially if you have a lot of kids. Mark your trail with little signposts, rabbit lights or large rabbit cut outs with directions.
easter prizes


There are lots of not too expensive options if you would like to hide something other than chocolate. For the very little ones try out this gorgeous soft easter basket set, with cute characters you can hide. Or this adorable squeeking egg set. For older boys these dinosaur, car or slime eggs are perfect! For older girls these necklace bath bomb eggs are a real treat.
Do you have any creative ideas for your easter egg hunt? Share them in the comment below!

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