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We sell 3 types of digital products here at Blimpco

1. Editable Templates - we have partnered with the Templett app to allow our customers super flexible editing options for their digital files. You can change the text, fonts, colours, layout, background colors and more! Test the demo out for each product to see exactly what is and what isn't editable. After your purchase you will be emailed an access link to your template. From there simply edit, download and then print as many copies as you like at your favourite print shop or home. Please be aware that editing can ONLY be done on desktop or laptop computers. Editing will not work on phone or tablets (although we do hope to bring this functionality soon!)


2. Non-editable instant downloads - these are simple jpeg and pdf files that are printed 'as is', no alterations required. You will be sent a download link via email after your payment has processed. Easy! You can have your item in minutes!


3. Personalised for you service  - if editing your files is not something you want to do yourself, let us to it for you! Add our 'done for you' option to your order and write your personalisation details in the order notes box during checkout.  We will do the editing for you and send your files within 2 business days. Personalisation covers basic changes to the text only (not colour, font, layout or other changes). If you would like a more custom changes or a one of a kind design please use our contact form to request a custom design and quote.



How do the mock metallic foil and glitters print out?

Some of our designs use mock foil or glitter textures. These are not actual metallic inks - you would need a special printer and inks to print those. Our mock foils and glitters approximate a foil effect using digital textures. They don't have the same shine as a real foil but they do turn out quite nicely - and for a fraction of the price! You can increase the shine of your digital texture by printing onto glossy or pearlised paper. You can also add real glitter or foil to your invitations after printing if you like!


I am purchasing an instant download. Should I choose the pdf or jpeg file?

In many cases a pdf file is the best choice, whether you are printing at home or with a professional printer. Many online printers, however, do require a jpeg file instead. 
You can usually check your print company's website for which file type they require. Each print company will have their own preference regarding file type, crop marks and bleed so it is best to check with them before making your order.

What are crop marks?

Crop marks are little black lines that are placed on the corners of your digital file to show where the edges of the print are. They are a helpful guide when trimming the edges off prints or invitations.

Many professional print shops request files with crop marks. Online or cheap print shops generally do not. Crop marks can be useful for home printing because most printers will print files with a white border around the edge (it's unavoidable). Most people like to trim these edges off their invitation. (A small rotary trimmer or a guillotine is handy for this) .

Our editable files all come with the option of including crop marks. Our instant download files come without crop marks. If you would like crop marks on one of the instant download files you have purchased simply email us to make your request.  

Where can I get my files printed?

There are many thousands places to get digital items printed all over the world. Popular places include staples, walmart, walgreens, officemax & office works. You can also order from one of the many digital online print stores. 


I need a different size, can you make it?

Probably. Unless the size you need is really large we can probably accomodate your request. It will classify as a custom order so please email us with the exact dimension and other details for a custom quote. 


I need a font or colour, can you change it?

Probably. Unless the item is a watercolour illustration. Your request classifies as a custom order so please email us with details for a custom quote.